Integro a equipe da Sonhorama e fui responsável por criar o design visual do site do estúdio, que é especializado em construir projetos, narrativas e universos que orbitam ao redor de artes, música, audiovisual, literatura, cursos e jogos.
Besides working independently, I'm also part of the SONHORAMA team and I was responsible for creating our website.
SONHORAMA is a production and consultancy studio specialized in building projects, narratives and aesthetic universes that orbits around arts, music, audiovisual, literature, courses and games.
We are based in Rio de Janeiro and we work with global companies - such as Netflix, NYT, Globo, YouTube, Spotify - and with independent artists, publishing groups and local brands.
SONHORAMA provides graphic design, art direction, brand identity, illustration, lettering, audiovisual, web & app programming, digital & social media design and editorial design.
Web development: Patrick Gomez

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